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Postby nanotyrano » Sun May 05, 2013 9:47 pm

FAQ - UPDATED 7/1/14

FAQ - UPDATED 5/31/14 (it's okay Gov, I'm stealing it back. ~nanotyrano)

FAQ - UPDATED 2/16/14 (sorry Nano for hi-jacking your OP. ~GovernorOstrich)

FAQ - UPDATED 2/16/14

FAQ - UPDATED 4/5/14

FAQ - UPDATED 4/0/2014

FAQ - UPDATED 5/4/2014


Q: Will dinosaurs interact with one another? Will we see a Carnivore chowing down on an herbivore?
A: Yes! Carnivores will eat herbivores. Dinosaurs will try to defend themselves from being eaten. They'll drink water. Graze. You're in their world.

Q: Which dinosaurs will be in the game?
A: The full list of planned dinosaurs can be found on our website here.

Q: What kind of diversity of environments can we expect?
A: Forests, streams, ocean, mountains, plains, fields, hills. We want to make this island feel diverse and alive. This isn't Tatooine.

Q: What kind of sounds does Stomping Lands intend to have for its dinosaurs?
A: Kole Hicks is a talented sound designer working with us. Here is a blog he wrote on how he made the Gallimimus sounds.

Q: Will there be critters?
A: It's a possibility.

Q: How large is the map?
A: Big.

Q: Will there be seasons?
A: This is not a feature which is planned.


Q: Will there be a public beta/alpha?
A: You can purchase Early Access for The Stomping Land here!

Q: When will this be released?
A: Early Access was released on the 5/31/14, while the full game release is TBA.

Q: Will the game be available on steam?
A: Yes. The game has been Greenlit for Steam, and is now available for purchase.

Q: I missed the Kickstarter, can I still back the game/How do I buy into beta testing?
A: Right now you can help test the game through Steam Early Access.

Q; What engine is the game running on?

Q: What platforms will be supported?
A: PC at present. We did not reach our Kickstarter goal for Occulus Rift but it is a possibility.

Q: Will this have multi-language support?
A: It's a possibility.

Q: What will the final price for the game be?
A: $24.99 USD for Early Access.

Q: Will you be able to play the game alone and offline?
A: Both solo and multiplayer are currently playable.

Q: Will Kickstarter backers get a key to activate on steam?
A: Backers of the Kickstarter campaign who qualify will receive keys to activate on Steam.

Q: Will there be supports for mods?

Q: How will servers be handled?
A: The official Stomping Land server provider is BlackBoxServers, pre-order your own server today!


Q: Will we be able to capture flying dinosaurs and use them to fly?
A: Players can hitch a ride on the back of a flying dinosaur but will not be able to tame them. Players will be able to craft a wing-suit allowing them to glide from great heights.

Q: Will players be able to build campsites & villages?
A: Yes, there are a number of campsite items that can be built. Players that build together will, in effect, create villages.

Q: Will there be PVP?
A: Yes.

Q: Will mounted combat be a thing?
A: Yes. :)

Q: Will there be an injury system?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be classes? (shaman, berzerker, etc)
A: No.

Q: What will be lost upon a characters death?
A: Currently all items held by the player are lost at death including foliage items and expertise.

Q: Will there be female characters?
A: Female characters are going to eventually be an option.

Q: What is "Hunt"?
A: "Hunt" is no longer a game mechanic. I'm keeping this question here because "Hunt" is discussed in the forums elsewhere. You earn "Hunt" by completing the circle of life. For example, you're hunting a Gallimimus and you kill him with your arrows. Next you salvage the carcass for meat and other resources. Upon accomplishing these tasks you earn 1 "Hunt." Bigger dinosaurs reward more "Hunt." "Hunt" is the means by which you are able to tame a dinosaur. For example, a Carnotaurus might require you have 30 "Hunt" before you're able to tame it.

Q: What is "Expertise"?
A: Expertise is a measure of how long your hunter has been alive. It ticks up passively for surviving but is also rewarded for salvaging dinosaurs. In order to tame a dinosaur you'll need a specific amount of expertise depending on the dinosaur you are trying to tame.

Q: Will players be able to customize their character?
A: Yes. As you run around the island you'll find foliage and other things on the ground. These things can be picked up and added to your hunter and manipulated in 3D Space allowing you to customize your own outfit. Each piece of foliage adds to your ability to hide/be stealthy.

Q: Will players be able to kill dinosaurs for food?
A: Yes, this is the primary mechanic of the game. If you don't eat, you starve.

Q: Will players be able to fish?
A: Yes, they can be killed with spears.

Q: Will players be able to get food from bushes, trees etc?
A: You can harvest berries from berry bushes.


Q: Will the game be Free-To-Play?
A: No.

Q: Will the game have a monthly subscription?
A: No.

Q: Where can I find all of the latest The Stomping Land news?
A: The best place is the Dev Update forum The next best place is our Twitter

Q: Where can I see the best The Stomping Land video footage?
A: Vimeo!
When gameplay is ready to stream it'll be over on twitch

Q: Will insert any dinosaur or creature not announced be added into the game post-release?
A: We're focused on completing the current game. Future additions will be considered post-release.

Q: I missed the Kickstarter. Can I still get a copy of the survival guide?

Q: On the forums, what are 'evolution points?' How do I earn them?
A: We had an ongoing section of the forums that encouraged community members to contribute fan art. Participation was lacking and so it was disabled. We may re-implement it or something similar in the future. There is no way to earn evolution points at the moment.

Q: How large is the Dev team?
A: 3 Full time and a handful of freelancers

Q: How optimized will the game be?
A: Optimization is a priority as we want the game to be accessible to as many people as possible. You can help improve the game by reporting bugs.

Q: Will the game be Mac/Linux Supported?
A: Not at release. Possibly post-release. But there are no plans currently

Q: Will this game come to PS3/PS4/XBOX/XBONE?
A: There are no plans for a console release.

Q: When's the next game play update?
A: When it's ready. ^_^


Q: I noticed my post is gone, did someone delete it?
A: If your post has/will cause flaming/arguing, it has most likely been removed.

Q: Where did my topic on no game update/developer interaction go?
A: To avoid redundant topics, we merge these types of topics into their respective threads. Here and here.

Q: I have a suggestion to help the forum, where can I put it?
A: You can have your say here. All suggestions are read through and considered!

Q: I'd like to be a moderator, where can I apply?
A: Sorry, but we're currently not taking applications! Just be the best member you possibly can.

Q: How does one eventually become banned?
A: After receiving three warnings, the member will receive a PM. If the user persists and gains another warning, they will be temporarily banned (time of temp. ban varies).
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Re: Official Q&A Thread

Postby Gibby » Sun May 05, 2013 9:56 pm

nanotyrano wrote:Also, um.. I'm still learning the ropes of this forum control panel so if you see anything mega strange and your posts are deleted... :P
I'm still learning, don't hate!

Yeah, you baleeted one of my posts.

I was gonna ask if the devs at least plan for mod support.

Seeing new dinos and maps added to the game post-release would be lovely, oh yes.
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Re: Official Q&A Thread

Postby nanotyrano » Sun May 05, 2013 10:05 pm

Yes, very sorry for the inconvenience ^^

If I recall correctly the Unreal Engine 3 is very great when it comes to the moddable department.
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Re: Official Q&A Thread

Postby DoofusMagnus » Sun May 05, 2013 11:52 pm

Hrmm, I dunno if it's this way for everyone, but at least for me the thread seems to be sorting the out-of-context jig posts to the top due to time of posting, which is a little confusing. It might be more accessible to keep the Q&A post first and just link to jig's relevant posts within that as they're relevant. And just update it as new questions/answers are added.
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Re: Official Q&A Thread

Postby nanotyrano » Mon May 06, 2013 6:29 am

Fixed to be a little easier to understand and read. Once again sorry to people who are losing their post count. This is because I've gotten permission from jig to do a cleanup.
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Re: Official Q&A Thread

Postby tommygunyeah » Tue May 07, 2013 8:29 pm

Are you planning on developing only the core mechanics of the game and focusing on the aesthetics of the beautiful open world?

By this I mean, will you be just developing the basics and then letting the modders take over and yourself focusing on the beautiful aesthetics of the game or are you going to heavily work on mechanics constantly adding new features and tweaking things?

p.s. love the game will be adding to the kickstarter on Thursday :D
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Re: Official Q&A Thread

Postby Inzann » Wed May 08, 2013 12:39 am

Pin or sticky this. It will be buried tomorrow. :(
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Re: Official Q&A Thread

Postby Dreadnaughty » Wed May 08, 2013 12:42 am

So from what I saw in the trailer, it looks as though you have a pretty good idea of the system you're going to be using for building traps and whatnot, but are you guys going to be updating it, like putting in new tools or whatever when you come up with it? Same question for dinosaurs, and ecosystems. I saw a lot of trees and grass, but no snow, sand, rain, gravel, mountains, rivers, stuff like that.
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Re: Official Q&A Thread

Postby Frenchy » Wed May 08, 2013 1:54 am

First off thanks for posting this to Reddit I never would of found it without it Jig :D.

Q: When did you guys start working on the game?

Q: Will you be getting more developers as this seems like huge task for just you and 2 artists.

Btw that pole vaulting looked pretty freakin awesome.
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Re: Official Q&A Thread

Postby BrotatoChip » Wed May 08, 2013 3:12 am

I apologize if this has already been covered, but what systems will be supported? I have a Mac and would love to play this.

Also, are you thinking about the possibility of branching to online stores on consoles? Such as PS3? *wink wink nudge nudge*
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